Is your business at risk through uncontrolled file sharing?

What is Quatrix?

Quatrix® is Cloud file sharing that’s provisioned and controlled by IT yet simple, intuitive and readily adopted by end-users.

Why should I use it?

Quatrix is a direct replacement for consumer grade file sharing apps which may be insecure and have limited controls, security and audit trail.

How does it work?

Licensing is per user and scales to meet your needs. IT controls branding, user provisioning, folder permissions, and security settings.

Secure, professional file sharing

Free 14-day trial provides 5 user licences and 5 GB of storage


Quatrix is built for security using industry standard encryption. The PGP option provides advanced end-to-end ‘asymmetric’ encryption.


Consumer file sharing is self provisioned with weak central controls. Quatrix is centrally purchased, managed, provisioned and tracked.


Compliant with global security standards including EU Data Protection, PCI-DSS, HIPAA and UK Pan Government Accredited for Official Sensitive data.


Brand and identity are vital assets. Use your logo as well as company mail IDs, signatures and disclaimer texts.


Forthcoming apps will provide folder sync with the Windows and Mac desktops and integration with Microsoft Outlook.


Quatrix features sophisticated security and central controls yet is designed for ease of use, driving ready adoption by end users.

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